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thinkITis a Design-Thinking driven software company aimed at delivering eHealth and Enterprise solutions to customers

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We design

eHealth Solutions

Health based solutions that help improve the experience of medical diagnosis and delivery of healthcare services to consumers.

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We design

community resilience frameworks

Extend IT through design thinking to the youth (13 to 18years) with the aim of developing skills that can help build resilience in societies

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Connected Health

Leverages the systematic application of healthcare information technology to facilitate the accessing and sharing of information on medical wearables.

Web Development

We deliver clean and fast dynamic information systems, websites and web application

Mobile Application

We deliver fully developed android and windows phone applications.


PushIT is a non-profit campaign to extend IT through design thinking to the youth (13 to 18years) with the aim of developing skills that can help build resiliencein societies.

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Our working principles

Cost effectiveness

Deliver products and services without costing a lot of money

Unique ideas

Using design thinking concepts to tailor unique solutions

Timely Delivery

With an effective project management.


Consistently good in quality or performance; able to be trusted.

Customer relationship

Activities and actions we take to reduce the number of customer defections

Quality assurance

The maintenance of a desired level of quality in a service or product

Here are products


A non-invasive malaria diagnosis kit connected to your mobile device


With a customized glove you can know your breast cancer status

Smart pad

An innovation that quickly helps women detect bacterial vaginosis on their own.


Connect you to a free lift to your next destination,safe and soundas you connect with new people.


Tracks time of rally cars and also send regular SMS updates to the fans.


Turning community waste into a resource as opposed to a hazard

the simple step of

our working process


During the intial meetings, we understand the requirements of the projects and the business model being implemented


a proposal suggesting the timelines and the structure of development is developed.


the development of the proposed system starts


edits along with the clients are made and the system also tested


the system goes live for use

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